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Primtyme Photography


Primtyme Photography provides you with an unparalleled service experience. Your dedicated Primtyme Photography team will personally assist you with every step. You will enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that we stand behind our imagery and service with the Primtyme Photography Quality Guarantee and excellent personal attention.

Primtyme Photography provides imagery and a complete experience.


When you register with Primtyme Photography, our Director of Photography Miss Sheila Herbert will be assigned to you. She is Knowledgeable of all Primtyme Photography services, your Director will work with you to create your perfect package. Through one-on-one consultation, your Primtyme Photography Director will become familiar with your style and will make sure that your final product matches your vision.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation now.


Shortly after you reserve Primtyme Photography for your wedding day, your director and photographer will reach out to you. Your photographer will call you to arrange your One Hour Engagement Session, where you will be able to discuss your photography vision, and perfect your posing style.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your Primtyme Director is coordinating every element of your photography services right up to, and after, your big day.


After your wedding day, your Primtyme Photography Director will create your Finished Collection, a vibrant and expressive set of 300 to 400 images telling your wedding story. You will receive all of your edited usable images on DVD-ROMs with complete rights to reprint. You also receive a Password Protect Photo Sharing Website with unlimited downloads for one year from the date of the wedding day.

Why Primtyme Photography ? What sets us apart from all the wedding photographers out there?

First, we just want to point out that there are many different dynamics to photographers and that there are many great photographers out there. Many of us will share similar strengths and traits, but it is much more rare that you will find the same combination of these strengths in one team.

You get a husband and wife team – We truly understand how each other works are almost frighteningly able to anticipate what the other is planning to do. This not only enables us to stay out of each other’s shots 99% of the time, but also allows us to make sure we capture the same story from unique angles, or different stories that may be going on at the same time with confidence. Also, we’re quite competitive with each other (in a loving, friendly, in-your-face kind of way) so we’re always at the top of our game to show off our work to each other at the end of the night.  

We truly LOVE what we do – We sincerely love photographing weddings. We love to capture the story of one of the most important days in a family’s life. We love the rush we get. We love the challenge of always pushing ourselves to take our passion one step further. We love the incredible sense of reward we get when our clients see and share their pictures. This is honestly one of the most rewarding jobs we can imagine.

We are really good - All humbleness aside, we are darn good at what we do. From the quality of images to the level of service and experience we provide. With more than 200 weddings under our belt (at the time of writing) we have currently earned top honors of Wedding Photography for 2015 on Thumbtack .

We genuinely care – We are very sentimental people. We sincerely realize and appreciate how important this day is for you. We are beyond honoured to be the ones to photograph your wedding, and we take our work very seriously. We put everything we have into your wedding day – We finish every wedding absolutely mentally and physically exhausted – funny enough we usually don’t feel it until we pack everything up and finally sit down in our car (must be all that adrenalin flowing). Spending the entire day “in the zone”, is akin to a mental and physical Ironman. Not only are we constantly looking, listening and anticipating moments to be captured, but we are always looking for interesting, creative and beautiful ways to capture them. We are going non-stop for 8, 10, 14 hours straight - and as mentioned above, we are loving it!

We edit each and every picture we give you – Every single picture we give, we process individually to bring out the very best we feel possible. We’re not talking about one giant batch edit. Each picture is individually optimized with love and care. This is why a typical wedding will usually take us 50-60 hours for editing alone. We capture your day, but each moment captured in a photograph is a direct representation of us and our work. We are adamant about giving you the best we possibly can.

We are completely upfront and transparent with our pricing – No hidden fees or hidden incentives to try to up sell to you. Also with our prices posted publicly you know you’re getting the same deal as all our other clients at the time of booking with us.

We know what we’re doing – We’ve been doing this long enough to feel very confident and in control of almost any situation imaginable (sometimes the more challenging the situation, the more it forces us to think outside the box and create some of our best work), at the same time we haven’t been doing this so long that this is just another day at work for us. We are beyond pumped and super excited for every single wedding we photograph. That being said, we love this so much that we find it hard to believe that our passion will ever die out.

We are very proud of our work – We are both international award winning photographers who are very appreciative and proud of how far we’ve come in our pursuit and passion for photography. We understand that tastes in photography are subjective and that every photographer has their own styles, therefore we wholeheartedly invite you to have a look at our portfolio, and see if our style is the right one for you.

We are one amazing couple – Meet with us and see for yourselves!!!

25 years together and still going strong.

Sheila and Anthony Herbert